“Helsinki Calling!” – a peaceful demonstration for human rights



On the 16th of July, there was the memorable meeting between US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki. On the day before, Sunday, the city center was filled with people from different roots, nationalities, and cultures with a common intention: demonstrate against the meeting of those presidents. The peaceful march and demonstration, Helsinki Calling!, has gathered to Senate Square to defend human rights, democracy peace climate action, and free speech. Thousands of people came. Dismally, I think it could have been better to see more participants. The reasons might be many, but I guess especially because July is the month of summer holiday in Finland: many residents and citizens are not in town. In addition, the day of the demonstration was planned for Monday, but it was moved to Sunday only some days before, for productive reasons, as the events page reported. Nonetheless, the main message has been raised worldwide, and we, as an online magazine wanted to give voices to some of the attendees and find out what were the main reasons that brought them there.



Text, Video, Photos : Gloria De Felice

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